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Money, cash, moulah... you're gunna need it.

The first thing to think about before taking the plunge and booking that flight across the Atlantic or Pacific is money. Whistler is, unfortunately, quite an expensive place to live.

Rent - If you do find a place to live, you'll need a deposit of at least half a months rent, but some places ask for a full month, or even first and last. Once you've got a job, you probably won't get paid until you've been here a month, so keep that in mind.

Groceries - Groceries in Whistler are super expensive. For the best tips & tricks on how to save money on food in Whistler, check out our Money Saving Tips.  Getting a job in a food restaurant or cafe will save you a lot of money in terms of grocery purchasing, as many will provide a meal on shift and/or let you take home leftovers. 

Lift Pass - if your new employer doesn't spot you a lift pass, expect to fork out $1400 or so for one. If you know you are coming to Whistler in advance, buy an Early Bird Epic Pass and save yourself some cash. 

Transport - if you don't live within walking distance of the village (most people don't), then you'll probably look at buying a car (car insurance is astronomical in B.C) or getting a bus pass ($50+/month). ck.

Gear - If you show up needing to buy new ski/snowboard gear, it's not cheap. Most places offer some sort of 'local' discount (proof of address/employment required), but it's usually only enough to get the tax off (tax in B.C. is a whopping 12%). If you get here in time for the Thanksgiving Turkey Sale in October, you can save yourself a bunch of money on gear. 

Drinks - one of the best ways to meet new people at the start of the winter season (or any time of year really) is to go out and socialise. In November Whistler hosts a number of 'freshers' type events aimed at newbies getting to know each other. For each drinks price you see, add 15% tax and another 15% tip for your server/bartender. Yes, you have to tip


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