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We don't blame you. It's pretty much the best place ever, but there's definitely some things you might want to have a think about before you take the plunge. That's why this website is designed to help make your move to this mountain town as easy (and as well-advised) as possible. Get yourself on the Facebook group Moving To Whistler to ask us questions and to meet others who are making the move over here!
This section is divided into 4 parts:

Moving to Whistler: The Ultimate Guidebook

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Whistler is an outdoor lover's paradise. Some of the most hardcore extreme sports athletes call this place home. From the resort's 16 inbounds powder bowls, 5 lakes sprawled across the village, endless climbing pitches and hiking trails in the area, plus a downhill mountain bike park in the village centre that is hailed as the best in the world. This place is dripping with mountain culture. If you get the right job, you can ski or ride all day, every day. If you're not outdoorsy when you arrive, you probably will when when you leave (if you ever do). Whistler truly has something for everybody, and even if you're not an adrenaline-fuelled mountain junkie, the magic of this mountain air will likely tempt you to want to call Whistler home. Also, Earl's happy hour (but we'll get to that later).