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Get your skin winter-ready with Nita's Hydrafacial

In the midst of changing seasons here in Whistler, our skin is on the front line. Rain, sun, snow - the weather can't quite make its mind up at the moment. What we do know, is that our skin has been experiencing the brunt of the temperature change, making it dry, itchy, and irritated. For those of us still commuting on foot or by bike, the cold, blustery conditions outside can leave our skin feeling red and raw. In contrast, the indoor heat zaps moisture from the air and from our skin. For those working in hospitality and restaurants, the constant transition from intense, artificial heat to stinging cold is causing mega-breakouts and our skin feeling like sandpaper.

The crisp winter air can wreak havoc on our skin.

Even the things that make winter so wonderful, such as sitting by a roaring fire or taking a piping hot shower, can dry your skin and strip it of its natural oils. While there's nothing we can do about seasonal shifts (aside from moving to Sayulita), we decided we didn't want our skin to suffer the consequences. Wanting to prep for a long winter battling the elements and shredding pow, we headed to The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge to talk about our skincare needs.

After a friendly chat, we were invited to The Spa to try out their Hydrafacial, and boy did we love it.

This affordable facial literally sucks the dirt out of your pores.

We made sure to arrive early to take advantage of The Spa, relaxing in the rooftop hot tubs, reading a book in the relaxation room and enjoying some complimentary Namasthé Tea. We even had time to lounge in the eucalyptus steam room before donning our robes and heading for the treatment room with our welcoming and knowledgeable aesthetician. She explained to us that the HydraFacial is essentially a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating treatment rolled in one. But, as I found out quickly, unlike the facials a specialist would usually perform by hand, it's done using a medical-grade device called the HydraPeel Tip. This is a pen-like device that pulls debris out of your pores, while also moisturizing, exfoliating, and infusing serums into them. It quickly became apparent that this treatment was the real deal - focusing on the long-term wellbeing of your skin, not just to feel smooth one day and back to usual the next.

A nourishing infusion of serums.

As I nestled into my heated lounger (it was a chilly day!), we discussed my personal skincare needs, points of acne, scarring and inflammation, and the treatment began. We chose the Nita Signature Premium HydraFacial experience, which included a facial mask from Naturopathica, a luxurious cleansing massage, LED light therapy and lymphatic drainage. We weren't messing around!

Noting my red-raw, irritated skin from hours spent on a bike in the cold, the anti-inflammatory, detoxification process began with lymphatic drainage. Using suction, they pulled the excess lymph away from my face and towards my lymph nodes to reduce swelling and puffiness around my eyes and cheeks. A very satisfying sensation!

Relaxing on Nita's Rooftop

Next, onto the HydraFacial itself... This treatment began with the removal of dead skin cells and excess sebum from my skin via suction using the HydraPeel Tip. The sensation is similar to being licked by a cat, which at first is a little ticklish! After this, a mix of salicylic and glycolic acids was applied to my skin to break up all the dirt and oil that has been clogging my pores. This was a very nourishing and cleansing sensation.

After this, the specialized Tip is used to vacuum out blackheads, dirt, oil, and impurities from your pores. This is quickly followed by the application of hydrating, plumping, and nourishing serums that are absorbed into the skin. At this point, my skin felt as though it had taken on a new lease of life! If you ask nicely, you can ask your aesthetician to show you the "yucky stuff" that is pulled out of your pores afterwards, and it can be quite a shock to even those with the strictest skincare regime!

The CTGF Boost, HydraFacial’s most effective active concentrate, was then delivered to improve the appearance of my skin tone, texture, and elasticity. Last but not least, to get ahead on the aging process, our treatment concluded with some LED Light Therapy because, you know, we aren't getting any younger. Afterward, feeling positively glowing, we had a friendly chat about my skincare routine, what products I did and didn't need, and how to prolong the effects of the facial and keep my skin healthy. I treated myself to some Naturopathica products to take home, specifically the Honey Manuka Cleansing Balm which I utterly adore!

Feeling rejuvenated, fresh-faced and incredibly relaxed, I floated back to the relaxation room and spent the rest of the day in bliss, browsing and sampling their gorgeous selection of products. My skin was baby-soft and felt as though it had a new lease of life. There was no heavy layer of facial oil or fear of touching it, it was simply divine. Above all, it just felt so healthy! I felt ready to tackle any wintery bluster, and that feeling lasted for days. Pores were visibly reduced, the redness disappeared, and I'm sure I knocked a few years off as I got ID'ed when out for cocktails that same night. Result!

We cannot recommend Nita Lake Lodge enough as Whistler’s leading spa and wellness retreat, with so many options for those looking to reset and revive. Combine your HydraFacial treatment with an RMT Massage - just $130 for locals. In its tranquil lakeside setting, from soothing and rejuvenating massages to the latest results-driven beauty technologies such as hydrafacial, The Spa is the local's favourite in town. Book your appointment online here.

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