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Introducing BootyCamp - Whistler's first all-female bootcamp!

Feeling out of shape? Got the mid-season blues? Perhaps you want to improve your skiing or riding, but your fitness is holding you back? Whether you want to jump-start a new workout routine or get some springtime gains, BootyCamp is here to help you feel your best self. We were feeling a little on the heavier side this February, so signed up to Altitude Fitness' BootyCamp to get some workout inspiration.

With small group sizes (13 ladies max) and a beginner-friendly environment, Cinta Cassini's ladies-only class is a fantastic way to make like-minded friends and get in shape. The BootyCamp is made up of three sixty-minute classes per week which focus on improving fitness, increasing weight loss, and sculpting the core and booty. With motivating tunes and an engaging warmup and cool down, each unique session will leave you feeling accomplished, confident and fired up for the next class.

Cinta, head trainer at Altitude Fitness, will guide you through the 8-week program incorporating weights, spinning, pilates and circuit training. This will improve your biking, hiking and skiing fitness, not to mention toning that booty! If you are new to weights, this is the perfect environment to learn in. Cinta will incorporate kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and bodyweight to strengthen your core. Some classes will include the dreaded cardio, but it's over so quickly you won't even notice!

Cinta has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade. Her passion, enthusiasm, and encouragement in class make it the perfect environment to push yourself, knowing you are in safe hands. BootyCamp is great for anyone who wants a fun, motivating workout that still kicks your butt. Stress-busting, anxiety-reducing group sessions are getting more and more popular for their positive results (both mental and physical), so what better time to sign up and find yourself a new girl gang? Plus, all BootyCamp ladies get access to unlimited tanning(!!), gym access, and a new Altitude T-Shirt! Limited spots are available, the next session begins on March 17th. Sign up here.

The full BootyCamp package ($399 INCLUDING TAX) includes:

3 x 60 min classes per week for 8 weeks (usually $18/class)

Choose from: 6:30am - 7:30am - 8:30am - 11:00am every Tues/Thurs/Fri.

Unlimited gym access (usually $250 per 8 weeks)

A free training program to achieve your goals in your spare time

Choose between body sculpting or weight loss.

Unlimited tanning (usually $140 per 8 weeks) or x 2 float therapy session (usually $65/session)

A super flattering Altitude t-shirt to wear with your new girl gang!

Altitude Fitness provides pretty much everything you need to transform your life and fitness routine. Home of state-of-the-art amenities, knowledgeable personal trainers & a variety of group classes, take the plunge and start something new.

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