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Old Fashioned Standards

The revolutionary craftswoman producing quality, custom-made outerwear to last a lifetime.

Kassy Bailey is a busy woman. Owner and operator, creative designer, pattern drafter, prototyper, seamstress, social media operator and saleswoman, she is the leading lady behind Old Fashioned Standards. Born and raised in Cochrane, Alberta, she began designing her own clothes at 13 when she developed a craving for independent style. After high school, she moved to Vancouver and enrolled in the two year Fashion Design program at VCC. The skills she learnt there have been invaluable - Kassy personally makes every product she sells from idea to finished product. Each piece is designed, measured, tapered and sewn in her attic space off Clark and 2nd in the industrial warehouse area.

What makes her brand so unique? Kassy makes one-of-a-kind garments built with the materials and prowess required to last a lifetime. In a world of fast-fashion dominated high streets, Kassy's craftswomanship and commitment to quality deserve attention. As the catastrophic effects of the textile industry become more widely known, she is part of a growing group of industry women setting the scene for a fashion revolution. If you want to know exactly where and how your piece was produced, what materials were used, and reassurance that the process is sweatshop-free, you can speak directly to the designer, the pattern drafter, the seamstress, and the CEO.

Specializing in bags, hats, accessories and outerwear, Kassy opts to use mainly oilcloth. The material's reputation is undeniable; fishermen and sailors originally used it for their work clothes, as it is highly valued for its resistance to the three W’s: water, wind, and wear. Fusing oilcloth with creativity and dexterity, the end product is soft, durable, rugged-looking and incredibly water-resistant.

Featured on the right is the Everyday Bag that Kassy let us demo this summer. It is incredibly space efficient, with nifty secret pockets and a much larger capacity than you would imagine. It is lined with a high quality, 100% waterproof, PVC coated Cordura material, with a padded and quilt stitched back piece for ultimate comfort. Inside, there is a discreet laptop sleeve pocket, and did we mention that the entire bag is water, wind and abrasion resistant. The perfect everyday travel bag!

A peek inside her workshop reveals Kassy’s true grit and determination. It is a proper workshop, emblematic of the historical industrial area of Mount Pleasant. Filled to the brim with tools and materials, tucked away behind a motorcycle repair shop, it is a no frills, impossibly small workspace. Stepping into her world, you sense her passion for her trade come alive.

The drive for local, sustainable fashion is on the rise. Old Fashioned Standards' target audience is a growing population of ethics-driven consumers. Product pricing may seem on the higher side when compared to fast fashion alternatives, but the reality of handcrafting quality goods in Canada demands a higher price point. This may not appeal to everyone. The people who invest in OFS are those who care about locally made goods, and consider them a lifetime investment. Her customers tend to be those who value quality: trade workers, outdoor adventurers, and those who face the toughest weather elements for work or play. Her clientele is mostly comprised of motorcycle enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, campers, kayakers, travellers, and outdoor commuters.

You can buy all OFS products ​online​, or come through Kassy's workshop to talk about a custom piece. The first place to stock their products will be in Salmon Arm, at a store called ​Wild Craft Mercantile​. ​You can follow Kassy's new products, projects and custom designs on Facebook, Instagram (@oldfashionedstandards) and online.

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