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Picnic Whistler is here to bring you ready-made, gourmet picnics in the Sea to Sky

Whistler’s hot summer days are best spent outdoors, picnicking with friends at one of our many lakeside parks, accompanied by a refreshing drink and blanket spread. However, assembling your own picnic basket of supplies can often be more hassle than its worth, and you likely always forget to pack something (ahem - napkins!).

Picnic Whistler

Picnic woes will now be a thing of that past, thanks to Amy Mac, who has taken it upon herself to create hassle-free, pre-made picnic kits, providing everything one needs for the perfect al fresco dining experience. Picnic Whistler is a full-service picnic company, specializing in delicious, local, seasonal foods, beautifully presented and cleverly packed. For those times when you want to be fully immersed in your company, absorb the gorgeous scenery and forgo a major prep or clean-up, Picnic Whistler is here for you. 

Picnic Whistler

Amy Mac is our picnic specialist. It's a one-woman show over at Picnic Whistler, where Amy does everything from the sourcing of local products, the creation of beautiful food art, to all the behind-the-scenes tasks to make the cogs of this Whistler business turn.

Amy’s vision is to see locals and visitors to Whistler to take better advantage of all the beautiful scenery we have right here in our backyard. Her picnic setups offer the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy Whistler, whether sunbathing in your favorite park, lounging on a dock, or resting on a mountain perch - take the perfect indulgent spread with you anywhere.

Picnic Whistler

Where did the idea begin? After living in Whistler for ten years, Amy saw the demand for small party catering. Whistler has a plethora of amazing restaurants and catering companies, but no solution for a girl’s night of six, or a family brunch after graduation. And so, Picnic Whistler was born! No matter the size or the occasion, Picnic Whistler can provide customers with a hands-and-hassle free, Instagram-able spread.

So, what can we order? Grazing boxes, pictured below, can be carefully curated for the size of your party, packed to-go wherever your adventure takes you. Each box is recyclable and comes with eco-friendly serveware. Amy can deliver your box directly to your local picnic location or arrange for a drop-off if you're setting off on a big adventure. 

Picnic Whistler

Fancy something a little more refined? Picnic Whistler will come to you and create a tasty board that is sure to impress. Their grazing platters are arranged on beautiful wooden boards paired with knives and decorative bowls. A Picnic Whistler representative will come to your party location, set up your board, and come back to collect everything when your party is done. 

Best suited for larger events or gatherings, a table setup is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can check out all of Picnic Whistler’s products online at their website:

24hr notice is preferred for bookings, but don’t be afraid to contact Amy if you have a sudden yearning for a picnic party.

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