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RMU Tailgate Locker Truck Pad

This is the tailgate pad that's designed with the beer-loving biker in mind. Offering so much more than just protection for your truck, this Tailgate Locker is equipped with storage for all the necessities pre and post bike riding. After trying and testing a few different truck pads, the RMU Tailgate Locker was a proven winner for its clever gear storage options, classic design, rugged build, and sexy aesthetic.

So why is it so good? The RMU Tailgate Locker is fully loaded. Its main features include a beer cooler pocket, solar shower pocket, locking zippered pocket, and multiple tool pockets for all the things you forget to stuff in at the last minute.

What’s more, the Tailgate Locker has a sleeve to allow for a cable lock to run the length of it to lock your bikes to the tailgate, or even just your tailgate to your truck.

RMU Tailgate Locker

If you've got one of those fancy backup cameras integration, the tailgate is designed for that in mind so your field of view isn't compromised. Industry quality aluminum buckles keep things tight, dual straps (for top tube and fork) secure your ride in the roughest spots, and fleece lining protects that fancy paint job you just got on your truck.    

Not that we're shallow, but the RMU Tailgate Locker also looks pretty damn sharp. The 630-denier nylon with orange aluminum hardware offers both waterproof storage and a sleek look — especially compared to other pads on the market. It's a standout in both design and functionality.

Though expensive, the RMU Tailgate Locker stands head and shoulders over the competition and (literally) opens new doors to what mountain bikers should expect from a tailgate pad. So chuck in your Coast Mountain Beer and head off ready for your next off-road adventure!

RMU Tailgate Locker

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