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Serenity West

Sandra McIntyre and Acacia Cresswell are a mother-daughter duo designing unique linen products that tick all the boxes: soft, stylish and sustainable. Their brainchild, Serenity West, is a Vancouver-based company producing minimalist pieces, each one inspired by the calmness and beauty of the West Coast. Their goal? To encapsulate nature's serenity and bring it into your home and lifestyle in luxurious comfort. Their mantra is that living consciously and endorsing environmentally friendly brands does not mean having to sacrifice simplicity or style.

It all began with their 100% linen duvet sets. Once a hotel exclusive, linen sheets are now a household favourite that these ladies have made accessible for everyone.

Serenity West now boasts a full minimalist fashion line, recognizable for its neutral palette, shift dresses and straight silhouettes. Just a handful of staple pieces would comprise the ultimate capsule wardrobe, wearable each day and every season. For anyone looking to discover the delights of linen, what awaits you in a Serenity West piece is unparalleled comfort and a minimalist inspiration.

With an impressive background in interior design, Sandra has always been inspired by nature. It is easy to spot the similarities between Sandra’s minimalist décor style and the new Serenity West line. Their staple garments are no-frills, simplistic and elegant; a tasteful array of nudes and neutrals. Sandra works on creating garments, researching fabrics, and developing new designs in West Vancouver. Acacia, her daughter and business partner, focuses on the website, honing in on the technical and financial side of things, whilst developing content for their social media.

Sandra and Acacia kindly gave us a pair of the Marigold Pants to sample this summer, and we are converts. Comfy, flattering and breathable - they are the perfect summer travel pant that inspire you to declutter your wardrobe and start over. Their official description is 100% linen chinos, dressed down with a pair of Birkenstocks on the beach and up with heeled sandals in the office. They are impossibly simple and incredibly versatile, with attention to detail that simply cannot be found on the high street.

Yet what's really impressive is their commitment to sustainability. Through advertising and social media, a company can appear as environmental as they like. But how does one really know what brands are doing for the environment? "Slow-fashion" designers know that mindset of buying bulk, cheap clothing is hard to change. Serenity West is one of a few grassroots local businesses putting environmental impact at their foundation - by designing and producing in their small workshops in Vancouver. It is a brand built on high standards of production, whilst endorsing local talent and labour. Sourcing fibres and materials from the natural plant world, they use primarily cotton, linen and wool, with nuts and shells shaped for buttons. The end goal is that once a product is at the end of its life, it will have the least impact on the environment. Further, their products are so durable that their life span is significantly longer than your average high street products, withstanding generations of wear.

Why linen?

Linen is a highly breathable and heat conductive fabric. Its natural hollow fibres allow air to circulate freely, and the non-clingy, anti-static fabric flows away from the body, drying out moisture and becoming cool again. Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres, rumoured to get stronger with washes! Thousands of years old, it was used in ancient Egypt as currency, a testament to its strong and sturdy nature. The linen production process has been found to be significantly less water intensive than that for cotton, giving it a lower water footprint. Lastly, it is possible the comfiest, most stylish natural fabric out there.

Consider the benefits of purchasing a set of timeless linen pieces this fall. Whether you’re after a do-it-all jumpsuit, a lightweight cardigan for those cooler fall days, or a staple pair of work pants - there is something for everyone’s needs at Serenity West. Want to check them out in-store? You can find them at Zebra Club in Vancouver, and various pop-up markets such as First Pick Handmade. Their entire collection is available for purchase online at Serenity West for your viewing pleasure.

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